WSSMA Leadership Notebook 2018

WSSMA Leadership Notebook

March 2018



  1. WSSMA Board of Trustees / Eligible Voters

Board of Trustees.
Eligible Voters at WSSMA BOT Meetings.
Eligible Voters at WSSMA HOD Meetings.
Eligible Voters at Chapter Meetings.
General Information.

  1. WSSMA

State / Chapter Officer Election Notification (NEW).
State Management Guide.
Officer & Committee Guidelines.
Delegate to National (NEW).
Conference Guidelines.
Payment Voucher.
Travel Voucher.
Policies & Procedures for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses.
WSSMA Bylaws 2016-2017.
WSSMA Standing Rules 2016-2017.

  1. Committee Information

Committee Chairs.
Long Range Strategic Plan 2015-2020.
MA of the Year.
Professional Achievement Award PART 1.
Professional Achievement Award PART 2.

  1. Chapter Information

State / Chapter Officer Election Notification (NEW).
Chapter Management Guide.
Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules.

  1. AAMA Information

National Volunteer Leaders (NEW)
At Your Service.
AAMA Organizational Chart.
AAMA Editorial Standards.
AAMA Disciplinary Standard and Procedures.
History of the AAMA PART 1.
History of the AAMA PART 2 (NEW).
Membership Manual.
Why More Employers are Hiring CMAs (AAMA).
CMA Logo Usage Policies of the AAMA / AAMA Affiliate Logo Usage Policies.

  1. Continuing Education / Membership

The CMA Credential / Rise Above the Crowd.
Certification & Licensure / CMA & RMA Credentialing.
AAMA Membership Makes Sense (Non Student) 2018.
Get Serious About Your Medical Assisting Career (Student) 2018.
Nancy Fortin Scholarship (NEW).
Maxine Williams Scholarship Information (NEW).
Occupational Analysis.
New Roles for the Certified Medical Assistant (NEW).
Program Planners Manual.
Program Planners Dedicated Fax Line.
CEU Approval Request Form.
CEU NON-AAMA Education Providers Approval Request Form (NEW).
Attendance Record Cover Sheet.
Attendance Record for AAMA Members CEUs.
Attendance Record for AAMA Non-Members CEUs.

  1. Leadership Development / Mentoring

Leadership Self-Assessment.
ABC’s for Members.
The Art of Running a Meeting.
Keys to Committee Motivation.
AAMA Mentoring Guidelines.

  1. Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary Don’t for the Presiding Officer.
Parliamentary Don’t for the Member.
Parliamentary Procedure.
Let’s Talk Some Sense.
Russ’s Quick & Dirty Survival Guide to Parliamentary Procedures .
Steps in Processing a Motion.
Parliamentary Procedures Made Easy – Agenda/Quorum.
Parliamentary Procedures Made Easy – Motions.
Summary List of Public Speaking Practices.
Mock HOD Script.