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How do I qualify for a Medical Assisting Certificate in Washington State?
There are four categories for medical assistants within Washington State. To learn about the requirements for each category, visit the WA State Dept of Health at 
Is there a State Certification Exam?
No, but you must meet the requirements of the category you are applying for. To learn more about the different category requirements, visit 
What are medical assistants allowed to do related to calling in prescriptions and prescription refills?
The medical assistant statute does not address the medical assistant’s role related to calling in and refilling prescriptions. RCW 18.360.060 lists the determinations that a healthcare practitioner must make before delegating a task to a medical assistant. This section says that protocols may be used provided that they do not involve clinical judgment and do not involve the administration of medications, other than vaccines. Medical assistants need to consult with their supervising healthcare practitioners to determine what their duties should be relating to calling in and refilling prescriptions.. 
What is the difference between a registration and a certification?
Registration has a narrower scope of practice and the credential is tied to the employer. RCW 18.122.030 defines registration and certification.
I'm a nationally certified or registered medical assistant through my professional association. Do I still need a Washington State credential?
If you’re performing the clinical duties outlined in RCW 18.360.050 or calling yourself a medical assistant-certified, medical assistant-registered, medical assistant-phlebotomist or medical assistant-hemodialysis technician in the state of Washington, you must have a Department of Health-issued medical assistant credential.
I work in a healthcare facility and am called a medical assistant but I don’t have any type of credential from the Department of Health. Will I automatically become a medical assistant?
No. If you are completing duties outlined in RCW 18.360.050, you must meet the minimum requirements for and obtain a medical assistant credential.