President’s Message

Robb Krieble, CMA (AAMA) / WSSMA President 2021 – 2022

I wanted to start off this statement with some strong words of encouragement for this year – “Together, we’re stronger than we are alone.”

“Nobody said it was going to be easy – I’m just saying it will be worth it.” – This sign was hung over my old office computer while I worked two jobs and put myself through MA school, but I wasn’t alone. I had friends and family backing me up and kicking me in the butt to keeping moving forward and be appreciative to those who help me that far.

This year is going to be hard, having faith in people and medicines you didn’t know existed. Having patience with individuals who may not have the same moral and health ethics as you do. The rules of engagement have changed and we may be asked to do things to protect the lives of others – be it six feet apart or sitting quietly in front of a computer with our face being projected across the internet.

I have a close elderly friend, who is always reminding me that I could have been born in an age were the TVs were huge and shown black and white pictures, minimum wage was $4.65 per hour after union dues while working 15 hour days for Boeing and most Washington Highways were two lanes. My friend survived a few wars and has managed to figure out the internet. He reminds me, to treasure my friends, they’re the only ones you have and they will make you mad and make you cry, but most of the times, they will make you laugh and live.

My motto this year is from my heart – “You’re with friends.”